Monday, September 17, 2007

For Secrets Show

This is a terrible photo. This is for an open show, "Secrets" at Launch Pad Gallery in Portland. Mixed media, 6 x 8.

Class Paintings, July

This one's pretty small, 5 x 7

This one's 16 x 20

Acrylic with pastels, 16 x 20

Mixed Media, 18 x 24

"Passion" 16 x 20

These two are 16 x 20. These landscapes are a bit of a departure for me.

Last Spring

Mixed media, 16 x 20

Last Year's Paintings

First mixed media, still using liquid acrylics, 18 x 24

"Prehistoric" First regular acrylic, 18 x 24

Lezbag Paintings

I've been painting for about a year now. I started out with some mixed media, an offshoot of the collage work I'd been doing with my mail art for years. Then I stared with heavy-body acrylics (you know, in the tubes). I took a two-week class this summer, and since then I've been painting quite a lot.

Just for chuckles, I thought I'd post them here.